Our Customers


Serving The Smorgasbord Of Food Industry Customers.

Our customer base reflects our ability to manufacture products for every segment of the food industry.  We’ve partnered with Top Ten Restaurant chains as well as the largest processors; playing a key role in the creation and development of several notable food service and retail items.  We create custom sauces, seasonings and beverage flavors for the various needs of Fast Casual, Deli, Prepared, Co-Packers, Foodservice, Processors and Distributors. For food manufacturing plants we can batch-specific weights and add or remove functional ingredients to fit your process. For restaurant and QSR chains, we’ll improve back-of-house quality and consistency and create innovative, ready-to-use sauces.  We can devise portion-controlled topicals for food processors as well as branded and private-label products that are ready for retail.  Is your to-go business booming?  We can put your sauces in dip cups cutting back on your labor and prevent spillage in your customer's to-go packaging.

For Clean Labeling, We’re A Natural.

If you are among the many who are moving toward natural ingredients and away from preservatives, MSG, high fructose corn syrup, maltodextrin, artificial colors and flavors, Illes will create custom solutions for cleaner-label products. 

Have Hairnet? Then Travel. 

If you think you’d like to see all our food expertise in action, you have an open invitation to visit Illes and take part in the process yourself. Some of our most successful achievements for clients have taken place because they’ve been onsite to work through various iterations of seasonings without having to wait for an overnight package with the latest sample. And we were kidding about the hairnet – we have plenty of them waiting for you.