Our Service

Our Service

RD Tech Culinary 2019

Our Service Sells Us.

Our approach to customer service is as strikingly fresh as the ingredients we insist upon. We’ll deploy our resources at a moment’s notice to meet the needs of our customers. We collaborate with you for your success; we value integrity and transparency in every relationship and every transaction. With that level of service, our most persuasive sales message to new customers comes from our existing ones.

Moving Forward By Going In Reverse. 

Got a flavor you’re trying to emulate or improve? We offer Reverse Engineering to take tastes apart so we and our clients can put recipes together. Or if the flavor is right, but you want to remove preservatives or clean up the label with more pantry-friendly ingredients, we can engineer that, too.


Keeping Up With Regulations And Ahead Of The Curve. 

While the regulatory environment in the food industry continues to change, we’re staying current to ensure our clients maintain strict adherence and compliance.

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Think Ahead, DineAround ®

While we at Illes are known for attentively listening to our clients, we also feel like we owe it to them to have something to say. With DineAround, we keep our clients advised of upcoming trends from across the USA and around the world so they can be smart about the future of their businesses – sometimes pretty far in the future. 

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