Regulatory Compliance  

We’re serious about keeping up our reputation for consistent food products of the highest quality and the toughest food safety testing in the business. At Illes, every product, process, job and function has a detailed procedure for achieving and exceeding our production standards for all of the products we produce. Adhering to strict quality control procedures, our Quality Control inspectors evaluate and select vendors based on the consistent quality of their products and their ability to be able to identify and reliably eliminate any and all potential health hazards before they enter the supply chain.

  • Our regulatory department provides a full range of documentation and support that our customers require.  We know that our clients depend on us to be able to provide that kind of thorough documentation at a moment’s notice.
  • Our basic understanding of the end use of the flavor solution assures that what we create will make our customers very happy. Just as happy as their customers will be.
  • When it comes to certification, Illes has earned the British Retail Consortium (BRC) Global Standards A rating along with the highest certification from the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). But we’re not content with achieving the foremost standards in the industry; we continually stay current with the ever-changing food industry to make sure our standards continue to exceed expectations.