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2017 Q2 TasteLab by Illes Chefs

Apr 01, 2017

Getting into 2017, we talk about the seasoning of the year, smoked black pepper and flavored oils. 

Listed by McCormick and other sites, Baharat is the 2017 seasoning of the year. This Middle-Eastern spice blend brings flavor and color to your dish. Use it for grilled items for big impact of sweet spices and a familiarity of BBQ.

Adding layers of flavor is what it is all about, and what the Smoky Black Pepper Ginger Glaze we developed does! Combining hickory smoke to black pepper and a hint of ginger adds depth of flavor to any dish. This glaze is inspired by our India trip and gives Teriyaki a run for its flavor. 

A fantastic way to add impact to a dish is through a flavored oil system. The hot summer months are coming and our Habanero Garlic Oil brings the heat to vegetables, chicken or a component of your next salad dressing. 

--> Click HERE for the Q2 2017 TasteLab trend sheet by the Illes Chefs! <--

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