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2017 Q3 TasteLab by Illes Chefs

Jul 01, 2017

As we start the second half of 2017, we look at savory and smoky, sweet heat and floral notes.

A Smoky Herb Rub would go great on chicken, pork or beef - cooked in the oven or on the grill. Hints of mesquite smoke, black pepper, basil, thyme and garlic for a delicious all-around seasoning.

Honey Ginger Habanero combines sweet with spicy and adds a twist of ginger. Familiar yet different flavors that make your friends and family go back for more. This can be a dipping sauce, a wing glaze or even a french fry seasoning! To push your meals to the next level, this could even top a piece of salmon with brown sugar as a crust of caramelized sweet-heat goodness. 

When it comes to beverage and dessert syrups, Honeysuckle is the new must-have flavor in town. Real cane sugar with a slight floral note from honeysuckle makes your next cocktail a unique hit. This can also be added to tea, or ice cream as a sweet treat as the summer months finish out. 

--> Click HERE for the Q3 2017 TasteLab trend sheet by the Illes Chefs! <--

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