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2017 Q4 TasteLab by Illes Chefs

Oct 01, 2017

The Illes 2017 Q4 TasteLab trend sheet by the Illes Chefs. As we finish the year, we focus on sweet brown sugar and spices.

An Amber Spice Rub would go great on steak, chicken, shrimp or even french fries!
Items can be cooked in the oven, grilled or deep-fried. Ancho chili peppers blended with brown sugar and spices that create a beautiful color and unique flavor when applied to your dish. 

Sweet Potato Bourbon Glaze brings the comfort of sweet potato and dark brown sugar with bourbon. This glaze is perfect for chicken on the grill or oven-roasted fish. The similar flavors of thanksgiving all in one, to create a meal that everyone requests for over and over.

When it comes to beverage and dessert syrups, Pie Sugar Syrup is the ultimate holiday treat. Cane sugar, vanilla and cinnamon will create the perfect sweet flavors for adding to coffee, topping ice cream or making a sweet cocktail. 

--> Click HERE for the Q4 2017 TasteLab trend sheet by the Illes Chefs! <--

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