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2018 Q2 TasteLab by Illes Chefs

Apr 02, 2018

The Illes 2018 Q2 TasteLab trend sheet by the Illes Chefs. It is April and we still have cold weather! Here are some flavors to get you through Spring and into the Summer...

Hojicha Tea Syrup is a unique roasted green tea flavored syrup that differentiates you from all other tea drinkers. This syrup goes well into lemonade for a twist on an Arnold Palmer, and makes a roasty green tea cocktail for the curious. 

This Savory Mulled Spice Rub brings the combination of sweet cinnamon and clove spices to fruity apple and orange. A touch of sea salt and cracked black pepper make this rub appealing to your taste buds as well as your eye on chicken, beef or pork. 

Most popularly used as a condiment in Argentina, Chimichurri has been a growing trend in the food industry. We have made it into a sauce and a marinade that compliments beef and chicken with a beautiful green color!

--> Click HERE for the Q2 2018 TasteLab trend sheet by the Illes Chefs! <-- 

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