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2018 Q4 TasteLab by Illes Chefs

Oct 01, 2018

The Illes 2018 Q4 TasteLab trend sheet by the Illes Chefs.
Summer is over, and warmer flavors are in season even if it is still hot outside!

Sesame Rose Rub takes the most popular Middle Eastern ingredients and blends them together for a savory, flavorful mash-up that can season any protein or vegetable - great for the grill or oven roasting!

The Turkish Connection Glaze takes unique ingredients that originate from Turkey and blends them with spices and herbs for a wonderful balance of bold flavor as a great finishing glaze on chicken or salmon. 

Smoked Vanilla Syrup takes a standard syrup and adds a complexity that suits the consumer of today, wanting something familiar but with a twist. This syrup adds a new element to your cocktail menu or even ice cream selection! 

--> Click HERE for the Q4 2018 TasteLab trend sheet by the Illes Chefs! <--